Business & Economics

Alibaba Group Financial Analysis

A 20-page financial analysis of Alibaba Group Holding Limited including financial ratios, sales growth, bonds, stock evaluation and portfolio analysis. A general investment suggestion is provided in the end.


The Stratification Illusion

Stratification is a malicious tool used by the ruling class to diverge us from those well-established institutional problems and hinder us from bringing social changes. This essay will utilize various sociology theories to discuss how common people are forced to form the reality of a stratified society, why it is dangerous and whether there exist possible solutions.

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M1 Pro & Intel MacBook Pro Cost Comparison for Video Editors

This paper will compare the economic factors behind choosing between an Intel x86 MacBook Pro and an Apple M1 Pro (ARM) MacBook Pro through the perspective of a full-time video editor, a user-base known for demanding performance from their PCs.

Science & Technology Society

Sinking of the Titanic

On 14 April 1912, RMS Titanic, one of the most well-known ships in that era and hitherto, struck an iceberg while cruising at full speed towards New York City. Failing to withstand the damage, the Titanic soon sank after midnight, killing more than 1,500 people on board. This report will introduce the general information about this accident and discuss some ethical issues behind it. It is intended for the general public who is interested in the incident but has no knowledge of shipbuilding, so only the management aspects of the failure will be included.

Business & Economics Science & Technology Society

Cryptocurrencies: Dope or Nope?

On Sept. 24, 2021, Chinese authorities officially announced a final and full-scale crackdown on cryptocurrency trading and mining businesses within its border. Almost immediately, one of the most popular crypto trading platforms in China, Huobi, announced that they would stop new registrations and gradually retire existing accounts by Dec. 31. The global crypto market fell […]

Science & Technology

Comparison of Three Programming Languages in HEAT System

This report compares 3 different languages (D, Odin and Zig) and analyzes their suitability for building a Human Embodied Autonomous Thermostat (HEAT) system that uses the face temperature of human occupants to control the buildings’ air temperatures. Performance, reliability and security are emphasized, and a conclusion is given to suggest which language is more favorable.

Life Science & Technology

Replacing Cracked iPhone Screen Myself


Counter-argument: Why Goodman’s ‘Grue’ Problem is unjustified

In this paper, I will argue that Goodman’s “all emeralds are grue” statement is unjustified, and “all emeralds are green” is a more justified statement from induction. First, I will explain the basic process and definition of using induction, and then succinctly illustrate what is the “grue” problem raised by Goodman. Finally, I will suggest a counter-argument against Goodman’s “grue” problem to prove that it is not sufficiently justified because the use of “grue” is time-sensitive, and a valid argument from induction should be exclusive from time-sensitivity.