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CoviDetect: Automatic COVID-19 Testing Solution

We plan to construct an unmanned COVID-19 testing solution. Our main customers are organizations such as governments, schools, companies who want to provide affordable, easy and reliable testing services to associated people such as local citizens, students and employees. Upon agreement, we install our machines on customers’ sites. Our machine is capable of three testing methods: PCR Swab, PCR Saliva and Antigen Swab. Sample collection is completely automatic, and no people are required on site. Antigen samples can be analyzed directly inside the machine with results available in a short period of time. PCR samples will be collected by our employees and transported to our labs for further experiments. Test results will be reported to the customer organization, and we consider our process done. We also provide software interfaces, so that we can exchange data with the customer organization, such as user authentication info and test results.



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