Chinese Council Should Collect Recyclables from People’s Houses

I think that our local council should collect paper, plastic and recyclables from our houses directly. Currently, in Shanghai, most communities that run recycling projects ask people to bring their garbage to a center in the community. And this is one of the reason why only a few people support and do recycling. First, unlike those people in developed countries, Chinese people do not have much understanding about environmentalism. Unless they are forced or asked to do so, they usually prefer avoiding those trouble because they think that is a waste of time. No one want to walk a long distance to those collecting centers every day. Collecting from people’ houses can solve this problem to some extent. In addition, people will be also reminded every time their garbage is collected, and will turn it into a habit in long run. Second, collecting from people’s house cost less in long run. It can be regarded as a kind of long term investment. If we help and teach people do garbage classification at their home when we collect garbage at the beginning, people are very likely to turn it into a habit some time later. Then there will be no need for workers to do classification and processing work in garbage centers. This will save a lot of time and labor, which is beneficial to our society in the near future.